148) San Pedro Island State Park In Florida


There is an island in Florida which is unknown to many including Floridians. A nephew of ours (by marriage) has invited our family to join his in a vacation last April. He confided that he is a fifth generation member of a family who had lived in an island nearby. San Pedro can only be accessed by a boat. It boasts of being only one of a few islands in Florida which is “real Florida.” It is here where one can have a glimpse of Florida as it used to be, i.e., thousands and thousands of years ago.


147) Apopka Wildlife Refuge

One of a few places in Florida where one can find the most number of species of birds is in the Apopka Wildlife Refuge.  I have visited the place twice and on both occasions have been awed by the beauty of the place and the birds.  Below is one of the many photos I took of the beautiful birds in the area.

This is a contribution to the weekly photo challenge – January 20 – “Graceful”


146. Dreaming To Shoot Wild Horses

In the fall of 2016, my wife and I had a dream of visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina where ancient horses roam free in the beaches.  My cameras were ready but we did not have enough time. Some things are meant to be.  Some aren’t.  So instead of coming home with my own photo of wild horses, I just have a photo of a photo of one of them.  Took this one in a gift shop.  I cannot wait for the opportunity to get a photo of a real one!