She is alone but relieved…

img_0289“I know  I am better alone now than with someone in a bitter relationship,” thought she as she looked out the window.  “Whew, I am so glad I did not blow his head off while we were together,” she continued.



Weekly Photo Challenge –  January 13,  Ambience

One of the most uplifting moments in our family life which I usually look forward to is our family dinner time.  Our youngest son Michael usually eats fast and when he’s done, he would go to the family room and plays piano.  This is the moment I keep wanting to go back to…he’s older now, trying to live his own life, but whenever he’s around, we ask him to play…



146. Dreaming To Shoot Wild Horses

In the fall of 2016, my wife and I had a dream of visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina where ancient horses roam free in the beaches.  My cameras were ready but we did not have enough time. Some things are meant to be.  Some aren’t.  So instead of coming home with my own photo of wild horses, I just have a photo of a photo of one of them.  Took this one in a gift shop.  I cannot wait for the opportunity to get a photo of a real one!