142. A Year Away From WordPress



I miss you all! I’ve been away from this community for almost a year. My last post was 1/27/2016. While away, I had developed a fondness for cooking, something which I never thought possible.

Growing up, I stayed away from the kitchen. Dad was always the cook in the family. “Let “Indo” be with his studies,” my mom reminded my late Dad every time he asked me to help him in the kitchen. Mine was a life of a privileged scholar.

Out of nowhere, early last year, I observed myself starting to pay particular attention to my diet and that of my wife. We were at first concerned with losing some weight. Afterwards, it became a search for healthy foods. Unable to find many of these in restaurants, we began learning to buy and prepare them.
My fondness for cooking became a passion. Writing and photography were relegated to the background, thus the reason for my long absence from this site.

I, however, still have the urge to write. So, here I am again. In addition to the places I have visited, I will now write about foods, lots of it, and cooking. For starters, let me share with you one of my first experiments in salad preparation.


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