138) Alone In Galveston, Tx in 2012

IMGP1322  IMG_0412






In 2012, I drove my tiny Tiburon from Florida to Galveston, Texas, stayed there for a week by myself and drove back to Florida. Why I did that was a long story.  It was possibly the longest time I’ve spent all alone by myself here in America or elsewhere.  I’ve spent over 36 hours on the road back and forth.  Midway in both ways, I had to spend the night in a hotel.

The two-bedroom condominium unit I had was facing the Gulf of Mexico; one of the photos above showed that.  It was a beautiful view, mostly a sad one for me without no one to share it with.  I saw the sun rose and set almost everyday of the week.  I took photos of the birds which flew up in the sky and below, some so close to the waters.

At dusk, the waters looked steely cold and did not fail to remind me of the devastation it did to that island in 1900, when  6,000 – 8,000 people lost their lives to the Galveston Hurricane. It is the deadliest natural disaster in the U.S. history. I have a photo above of some of the renovated Victorian houses that survived that tragic event.

After that hurricane, a group of engineers built a “10-mile long, 17 foot high seawall to protect the city from floods and hurricane storm surge.  Mr. Robert of the “Robert’s Rules of Order” fame, was one of the engineers.  (Source:  Wikipedia.)

On my last night, I went to a club and listened to a live music while enjoying a mug of beer.

When I came home, my wife and kids must have missed me so much.  I got the tightest hug from my wife who had teary eyes.  As for me, I was happy to be back home.


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