136) Passaic, NJ Circa 1999?


Our home for 9 years, Passaic, NJ will forever be a part of our memory.  Our two sons were born there.  They are shown on the photo shoveling snow, or actually pretending to do so.  The actually shoveling was done by me.

The tree trunk is that of a maple tree which is so beautiful in spring till fall, then its leaves turn yellow, then brown and eventually fall to the ground during winter. My kids used to help me raked those leaves. There was a bigger tree in our backyard and they helped me too, raked those leaves.  It was backbreaking.  It was the shoveling of the snow however, that eventually prompted us to move to Florida.

We lived close to the park and looked forward to winter when the kids used to slide down the hill with their snow sleds.  My wife’s friend gave her a pair of ski which I’d practiced on.  I stayed on the ground a lot more times than up on my toes in that d****d thing.

Right across the street from  our house lived a very old yet sweet lady.  She welcomed us in the neighborhood.  She gave us pan holders which she personally knitted; they were so beautiful we hang them in our kitchen for wall decor.

Then she was gone.  The same happened with many of our original neighbors.  It wasn’t the same again.  We left for good.


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