132) Toronto, Canada 2000

Toronto, Canada wasn’t as strange on our second visit.  Having driven some of its streets the year before, it was not that difficult to be driving the second time around in this beautiful city. The streets’ layout are pretty straightforward, unlike those in N.J.

We had to go  back to Toronto the again because we  wanted to met with my older sister who was also visiting Toronto  from the Philippines  with her friend that year.  There is only one photo to remind us of our meeting, although we’ve been with them to so many places in Toronto.  Here is the photo:


One of the most memorable things we did there was watched the  Blue Jays played against the Red Sox in the former’s amazing stadium, the first to have a “fully retractable motorized roof.”  My sons being Yankees fans were rooting against the Red Sox who (unfortunately for my sons),  won that game.  When the roof is open, one can see the famous CNN tower from inside the stadium which we happened to see back then.  I can’t find the photo of said tower which I took from inside the stadium.

We also took a ferry to a small island which has a historic town.  I remembered my kids had a pony ride as well as  a train ride.  We went there with the family of one of our neighbor-friends from the part of the Philippines where we grew up.  They lived in a suburb of Toronto.  We had to take the train.  We were impressed by the cleanliness of their subway.


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