133) New York – New Jersey – September 2000 A Priceless Photo!


My wife’s memory is better than mine.  According to her, this photo was taken shortly before we took a boat ride with a dinner in the famous Hudson river.  Shown in this memorable photo are co-workers/friends of my wife. They all worked at the St. Mary’s Hospital in Passaic, N.J. were both of our sons were born.

If you notice, standing the tallest on the background of the photo are the memorable Twin Towers which collapsed to the ground a year and 3 days after this photo was taken!  I bet you can still remember where you were when this terrible event happened.

I was in my office in Teaneck, N.J. that morning.  My sweet and best friend Chris was crying his heart out that day because his only daughter was working in one of the Towers.  He was advised to go home early that day.  I don’t believe I heard a man cried louder than him.

My wife told me she had to run to pick up our kids from school.  All of us were shocked beyond our imagination.  Every time we heard a plane up in the air, we trembled in fear.  The trembling stayed with us even months after that most tragic day.

So many businesses lost a lot of money afterwards. I don’t believe America has recovered fully from that incident. I wish in my lifetime, I will not experience a similar man-made tragedy of that magnitude.

The photo above reminds me of the infinite loss of thousands of lives who perished in those attacks of 9/11/2001.  Some of them were our clients. May they all rest in peace.


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