131) Niagara Falls, Buffalo NY in 1999?


This is an old photograph – the only one I could find of our first trip to the Niagara Falls.  I remember taking videos of this incredible waterfalls, the biggest I’ve seen in my entire life.

 The trip from Passaic, NJ to Niagara Falls was over 6 hours but it took us the whole day for we were resting our old Ford Explorer every two hours.  We were then AAA members, so we relied on the free maps issued by them.  There was no Siri back then.  Now, Siri is my constant travel companion.

I still remember our two young boys singing along the Beatles songs played on cassettes tapes in our car. In between songs, our boys kept asking us, “Are we there yet?”  We’ve spent the night in Ramada Inn in Buffalo;  our boys did not like this hotel much.

The highlight of our Niagara Falls tour was the Maid of the Mist boat ride so close to the breathtaking flow of waters, so powerful and so scary with only a poncho to protect our  clothes  and skin from the cloud of droplets.

We then went to Toronto, Canada.  I recall going to their museum.  The Holiday Inn near their airport was great.  We visited their popular tourist attraction, The Casa Loma, a huge castle with a beautiful garden.

Our first trip to Toronto was cut short by the sudden illness of our youngest son.  He had fever.  We also found out then that he was allergic to shrimps.  The following year, we returned to Toronto to meet my sister.  But that will be on my next post.


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