130) Inside The Building I Liked Most In Las Vegas in 2013.

IMG_1361 IMG_1376 IMG_1355 IMG_1377 IMG_1351 IMG_1373 IMG_1367 IMG_1366 IMG_1385 IMG_1389

The photos above are some of the reasons why I like Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.  The wax sculpture of my wife’s favorite singer Celine Dion looks real.  The other sculptures are simply amazing!

The elements of the classical concept of beauty stood the test of time.  Let me see if I could still recall them:

  1. Clarity
  2. Proportion of the parts among the whole
  3. Order
  4. Integrity or absence of deformity
  5. I forgot this one.  Maybe symmetry?  But this one probably is included in no. 2.

The subject of beauty has been argued in history.  In my personal experiences, I’ve used some of these elements in picking up winners in beauty pageants to a great success.  The rest of my family are surprised with how well I picked them.  I have been a judge a couple of times and in both times, I’ve picked the winners.


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