129) The Caesar’s Palace – My Favorite Building in Las Vegas in 2013




What you can see above are photos of the building I like most in Las Vegas.  The first two are in panoramic mode taken by iPhone 4s.

My introduction to humanities when I was in college has probably   a big influence on my taste when it comes to architecture.  I just have an attraction to this kind of buildings.  Or maybe in my past life, I’ve lived in Rome.  Who knows?

Anyway,  my wife and I should add Rome and the rest of Italy to  our bucket list of places to visit. It will probably be a grand experience.  What with the grandeur of ancient Rome?

Civilizations come and go. Empires and kingdoms, too.  Will history repeat itself?  Naysayers have been predicting the downfall of the USA.  China I heard has a 10 year plan to be the  No. 1 world power.  I don’t like what its doing in the South China Sea.   The world community should be alarmed and rightly so.

What are its intentions?  They claim it’s to promote security of navigation in the area.  Security from whom?  I don’t buy this kind of thinking at all. Nor do I buy their reason for appropriating the above described sea.  The whole world should pay attention.


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