126) The Gambling City – Las Vegas in 2013




When it comes to gambling, I am never lucky.  I’ve been to several casinos in the nation like the ones in Atlantic City, NJ where I never won, the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods in Ct where I never played, and the ones in Las Vegas where I won $79 but had to give $25 to a friend because that’s how much he’d lost.

Although we’ve stayed for a week in Las Vegas, I only played in the casino there once, which was at 9 pm or thereabout on our last night and I played the slots only.  The only reason I won that night was because I stopped before giving it all back.

There are thousands and thousands of stories about broken lives due to gambling and two of these stories came close to home.  The victims are two of my friends.  Their stories continue to haunt me and are more than  enough for me to be scared of gambling.

I try my luck on lotto sometimes but I never won anything big despite my intentions to share a lot of my would be winnings to family members, friends and charities.

You must have seen above some of the photos I took from Las Vegas in 2013 related to gambling.


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