125) “The Sin City” – Las Vegas 2013




In 2013, I attended a reunion of college classmates in Las Vegas. One day, I was alone with a driver of the shuttle bus and he told me that if I have a group of guys who are interested in a stripper, he could find one and she would strip for us either in the bus or in our room for an agreed price.

In the busy streets of Las Vegas, you will find people who shuffle what look like playing cards but are actually calling cards of women with their contact phone numbers for entertainment. I even saw buses with big advertisement for some of these  women or similar services.

I’ve heard  there is even a swimming pool in this Sin City with women wearing topless. For the most part, here in the US, having clothes is still the norm.  There are a number of nudists communities in some parts of the nation, mostly in secluded beaches, but most people still wear clothes while doing their day-to-day business.  The idea  of the US being a permissive society when it comes to sex or nudity is probably a product of the movie industry.  It is in reality a misleading idea.

Personally, I was happy roaming around the city with camera on hand.  I found myself appreciating the architecture of some of the buildings especially the Ceasar’s Palace where I took some of the photos I am sharing here.  There will be more photos to follow.


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