122) To Have Some Fun, Sometimes, One Must Get Out Of His Comfort Zone – Aruba 2012


Perhaps one of the most memorable moments  of our family vacation in Aruba in 2012 was when I volunteered to join a contest in Aruba’s Welcome Party For Tourists.  There were two other contestants aside from me and each one was blindfolded and given a stick and as the music played each was supposed to find the dummy rooster with the stick.  The contestant with the strongest crowd supports wins.  I had no problem moving my body to the tune of the music as I was looking for the rooster, so I won.

I can’t forget the smirks in my wife’s face as well as in my children when I took away my eye-covering.  My prize was a glass of any drinks I like.

Aruba has a rich cultural life.  The program did not fail to portray that.  There was a good female vocalist and a host of native dancers.  The emcee narrated an interesting history of Aruba.  You’ll find some photos below of the event. You’ll also find a link below about this event.  Enjoy!






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