120) More Street Photos of The Bahamas in 2015


The fence in the above photo separates the cruise passengers from the locals in The Bahamas.  You have to show your papers to the immigration officials guarding the gate if you wished to get back to the boats. I thought the above photo is funny so I took it.


I love the beach, the sea, the ocean.  I’ve elsewhere that one can hear the rhythm  of the universe if one try to spend a few nights in the beach camping and simply listening to the sound of the waves.  The author said it’s very therapeutic.  I haven’t tried it but it’s true, I won’t be surprised.  So many people have built or bought houses in the beaches all over the world.  Indeed, they “listened and heard the sea calling.”


One of the things that attracted me to the buildings in Bahamas and also in Aruba is its colors.  They are so colorful, you wouldn’t miss them.  Pictured above is one a series of their buildings which is so pleasing to my eyes.


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