117) Boracay Island, The Philippines 1991

The Boracay Island


It is one of over 7000 islands in the Philippines. Although the Philippines is my native country, I’ve been to Boracay only twice.

One in 1985, and another in 1991.  My first visit of the island was a sad one.  I was sad because, although it was the most beautiful island I’ve seen, the ones enjoying it were foreigners. I think things have changed a lot since 1985.  There are now a lot of Filipinos enjoying this paradise.

My second visit was a happier one.  It was our honeymoon. And one of the photos I took of my wife enjoying the sunset is my all-time favorite even though I only used a point and shoot Minolta. The photo you saw above is the one I am raving about.

If you happen to visit the Philippines, please don’t miss Boracay.


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