116) The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in The Bahamas 2015

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort


Plato has told of a perfect city long time ago which submerged in to the  Atlantic ocean.  A city so perfect,  it was populated by half-god, half-men. Many thought it was just a myth which Plato used to elaborate his ideal city governed by a philosopher king.

There are three places on Earth which people who believe that Atlantis was real could have submerged:  one in Spain, another in Greece and yet another in  The Bahamas.

The developers of the Atlantis in Bahamas has capitalized on the myth.  They built a resort, with spectacular buildings, grandiose aquariums, large swimming pools, and opulent shopping center. The place is so pricey, a bottle of water costed $4.50.

The Bridge Suite in the above photo is the most expensive in the world at $25,000 a night.

We visited the place  early this year.  Needless to say, we did not stay in that suite or anywhere near there.  We were on a cruise ship.

Below you’ll find two photos taken from their aquarium.




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