An Ode To My Native Land


Photo credit goes to my brother Henry

    An Ode To My Native Land

Today is my birthday, I celebrate
The date of my birth here on Earth.
Prior to this date 57 years ago,
Who and where I was,  I didn’t know.

I was born in the barrio of Tupol
It’s the land of the kindest people.
Lolo Gorio, Nang Sabel, Nang Valen,

They nursed me to health back then.

The boy they’ve cared for, a long time ago,
Now has boys of his own and wife, too.
But far, so far away in the West,
Far from the land he always deems best.

Oh my motherland, land of my birth,
in the far, Far East of the Earth,
My heart and soul has never left you,
Although I was gone a long, long time ago.

Though you’re far from my part of the hood,
I still crave your mouth-watering food,
I still speak your soft melodious tongue.
I still long for you my native land.

And someday for sure, I will go back there.
Where I was born, my old country dear.
And hope to spend my old and final days,
Till the mem’ry of my exile’s erased.

Oh I like the United States of A,
It’s to me the land of milk and honey,
But you know at the end of the day,
There are more important things than money.

Let me now end this useless reverie,
Let me now enjoy what’s left of today,
It’s still my birthday, let’s celebrate.
The date of my birth here on Earth.

And help me thank the Source of us all,
How and where my life will end it is His call.


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