Poem 11 – “My Pleasure”


My Pleasure

To each his own, that’s what I think about pleasure.

As you can see, everybody does their own thing.

For who can measure what each one really treasures

As the source of pleasure? It  is not an easy thing.

“It’s leisure that gives them pleasure,” some do say.

Off to Nature  they go, to the hills, vales  and shore.

Others surf, swim, or run;  while others play golf whole day

All are after that thing that gives them pleasure for sure.

Others are simply there to heed their basic need

For sex, for food, for  ice cream  and chocolate,

Others go to the extreme, LSD, cocaine, or weed.

Many don’t see the damage in them until it’s too late.

As for me, being old and feeble, no longer able,

to do the things I used to do for pleasure,

I just lie side by side with my wife and cuddle.

Takes photos, write poems which perhaps will endure.


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