Poem 8 – “An Elegy For My Dad “

               For my Dad

Let me tell you ’bout my favorite dish,

Oh yes, it’s just a catfish.

But my Dad cooked it in a special way,

I can still taste it to this day.

My Dad was short but very funny;

He always called my Mom, “Honey.”

He always says,  Mom’s smitten by his charm.

She left all – parents and brothers and farm.

I know for sure, Mom never ever cooked.

But she is so smart, she married a cook.

Everyday, Dad cooked our every meal;

He loved us so much, it was no big deal.

Dad has passed in the spring of ’99;

at the age of 79?

He wanted to live for a century.

But his cancer cells did not agree.

I miss my Dad and my favorite dish.

I miss the way he cooked that fish.

I wish I could meet him once again.

I know my wish will remain just a wish.

Until we will meet  again in heaven.

I wish, I wish, I wish.



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