The Small Fork On The Road Led To A Bigger One

There are many forks on the road

as we take our journey through life.

I took a surprising one lately,

And it’s been changing my life.

This blog’s been about Florida,

Now with the new inspiration,

all the other parts of the world,

I’ve been to, needed inclusion.

I asked my one and only wife,

What did she want most in life?

“Travel ’round the world”, she replied.

That’s what I want too, in my life!

Little by Little, this we’ll do.

Work hard and harder we must do,

To make her dream and mine come true.

Before our life on Earth is through.

This blog’s now “The World In My Eyes”,

No more Β “Florida Through My Lens”.

You’ll still see photos everywhere,

But with poems instead of prose hence.

To all my loyal followers,

I am sorry for the confusion,

I pray you’ll be with me up to

this blog’s upcoming conclusion.

I hope that day will not be soon

Since our journey has just begun.

We do have miles and miles to go

Till our run in this world is done.


7 thoughts on “The Small Fork On The Road Led To A Bigger One

    1. Peter,
      He’s overworked, stress and very underpaid for one. He doesn’t relax like he use to. I don’t either, which is why I need to get out and DO more.
      We are really BROKE.
      I have to admit…a lot of it is…he did so much running and traveling and everything else BEFORE we got together / then married he is happy just being here at home.
      I can understand that because I am a homebody.
      Yet, even a homebody wants to GET OUT.


      1. The middle class population in our country has dwindled. Unless one belongs in the upper 10% of the population, he struggles. We are not rich either. I am working on an average over 54 hours a week. I was surprised that I was able to finish my poems despite my schedule. I guess when you love something you somehow find the time. The title of my blog is a dream. We’ll try to find the cheapest way to travel when we retire. I admire your frankness. You seem to be happy in your posts. Material things don’t mean a lot. Relationship does. Keep it up. Thank you!


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