Poem #6 An Ode To World Peace


I long for the day when fighting among nations cease.  When peace on Earth ceases to be only just a dream.

I long for the day when no one is to be called poor.   When the wealth of Earth is shared equitably by all.

I long for the day when sanity will reign supreme. When on Earth, stupidity lies cold on its deathbed.

To get to this land of promise, we need a good map.  The words on this map will have the same meaning to all. (Let us  call a spade a spade, so no one gets misled.)

Invasion of a country cannot be self-defense.  It is unwanted aggression, mass murder for short.

Ethnic cleansing must be seen for what it really is.  It is far from cleansing; it is mass murder big time.

Bombing people and dying in the process is bad. It could be suicide, but it cannot be martyrdom.

The above is true regardless of one’s religion.  True religion teaches love for all, never hatred.

When 15% owns 85% of wealth, it is properly called improper distribution. The better terminology is unbridled greed.

God by nature being just, doesn’t have favorites.  As the Sun shines on everyone, so God loves us all.  (I know,  “Chosen People” is a clever metaphor.)

T’is just a small part of the map we need to adopt. The big part of the map will have to be done by all.

Intellectual honesty by all must be given.  In any dispute, the voice of reason must prevail.

If we want peace on Earth to reign, all now say Amen.


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