Poem No. 5 – “An Ode To The Gods Of Golf” – With Supplication For A Road Map To Great Golf


Oh dear gods of golf,

You’ve brought me to every triumph’s height; on few occasions my ball’s perfect flight. Often you plunged me down to despair’s depth; on each missed hit ball, to my right and left.

To court your favors, I’ve spent a fortune; yet my balls always roll to every dune. Oh, time and again, I have cried to you gods;  yet you always to my misfortunes add.

My clubs I’ve changed not once not twice not thrice; yet my strokes improve not to my surprise. Though I struggle much in the course of play, one good big stick’s hit always makes my day.

My old coach one said, golf is like boxing. It isn’t the times you fall in the ring. But the number of times you do get up.  Make sure at hole’s end, your ball finds the cup.

My reward’s not in how I play your game.  ‘Coz the way I do never bring me fame. But in the kind of friends through golf I meet. In whose company nothing could be as sweet.

Thirty dollars spent on four hours of fun, is worth it because of friends, grass and sun. Many souls have told me to my great regret. Would have been better had we earlier met.

About this thing there is nothing I can do.  Just in life, my past I can’t redo.  The past is long gone, the future’s still to come. There is none to do but remain just calm.

Let me now end these worthless words I say; let me take care of family’s needs today. To the gods of golf, I do humbly pray. Send me the road map to golf’s mastery.

To the real God of gods, if You were true, Honestly I don’t really have a clue.  Grant me, friends, family, good health and joy. So we can one more day, truly enjoy.

IMG_0020 2


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