Aruba – “One Happy Island” – It’s Secret Revealed.

When you drive around Aruba, you can’t miss it’s nickname, “One Happy Island.”  I bought this plate number below to remind me of our happy days there.


We have thousands of photos to remind us of our experiences in this undoubtedly one happy island. Perhaps you’re wondering why is it a one happy island?  That was in my mind for quite a while whilst there.

It was in one of their restaurants that I found its secret; One of the waiters became an instant friend to us.  He whispered to me the island’s secret.  If you are interested in knowing it, I will have to whisper it to you, too.


When we went to the beach one afternoon, I remember what this guy told me.  I was touched by what I saw, I had written a short story about it.  It was entitled, “She Is Love.”


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