Poem 3 – The Skin ( a prose-poem)

I dream that one day we will all learn to look at one another beneath the outer layer of our skin.

Our failure to do so has been one of the major causes of hatred, prejudice, ill-will, and many sorts of ugliness in our relationship both as individuals and societies throughout the course of our human history alas, even to this day and even here in the United States.

What’s beneath this skin is the same red blood, the same veins, the same heart, the same tissues, this same muscles, the same brain.

When pierced by a sword, regardless of the victim’s skin color, this same red blood  drips, this same heart hurts, the same life is lost.

I dream this dream to come soon.


9 thoughts on “Poem 3 – The Skin ( a prose-poem)

    1. “Imagine all the people…it’s easy if you can…” ~John Lennon
      I share your hope, too. Thanks. But nothing is impossible for all things are possible. Impossibility is a mental construct. If we can change our thoughts, we can change our world.


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