Poem No 2 – “Alice Is My Wife” – An Acrostic Poem




15 thoughts on “Poem No 2 – “Alice Is My Wife” – An Acrostic Poem

  1. Dear Peter,

    I’ve sometimes lost entire pieces of work which I put on my own site. While it’s heart-breaking, do you know what happens? You write it again, and it actually comes out better. So, my advice to you is: Try and see what happens when you rewrite the poem. You’ll be surprised by what you remember, and how you’ve improved upon the original. In a sense, all writing is about re-writing and revising.

    Do try it. I feel so sorry to read that your poem was removed. What I do for myself (because I’m paranoid about losing my work) is that I mostly type it on my computer, save a copy, and then put it online (I don’t do this always, though, and now I’m thinking I should go back and see what I haven’t saved in two places. In the world of digital technology, saving one’s work in more than one place is a good idea. Or, perhaps, email it to yourself!)

    I look forward to your poems as the class goes on!

    With warm wishes,
    (Dreamer of Dreams)

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    1. Dear Vitaya,
      I appreciate you taking the time write me a letter. Your suggestion for me to save my work is real smart. I totally agree with you on the necessity and importance of re-writing and revision. It actually occurred to me to do so. What will work in my favor is that it is acrostic; as such, the first letter of each line should aid my failing memory. At the moment though, my heart is still sore to tell you all about my wonderfully loving wife. Thank you again.

      I remain,
      (Florida Through My Lens)

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  2. Dear Peter —
    The technology that makes it possible to delete poems also makes it possible to retrieve them!
    Here’s your acrostic, as it stood in the Commons before I redacted it (I was convinced, wrongly, that you have a copy on your own site as well):

    Alice, you’ve changed me.
    Like water into wine.
    In the darkness of my life,
    Came forth your brightest light.
    Ever loving, ever caring,
    Is who you are to me.
    Sweetly I’ll always sing,
    My gratefulness to you.
    You are to me a gift,
    With you, my dream’s fulfilled,
    In you, I found myself.
    For you, my life I’ll live
    Everyday till time ends.

    There! All that’s lost shall be restored? 🙂

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  3. I still do a paper-and-pencil first draft of poems…not so much other writing… but I like to scribble out the poem parts on paper and then fill it in, and so when I lose it somehow I still have a draft.


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