115) Leu Gardens, Orlando, Fl 2015


Minutes away from Downtown Orlando is the Leu Gardens, a 50-acre botanical garden where my wife, our son and his gf and I visited yesterday courtesy of a free voucher from an old friend.

Wiki says “it has a mild subtropical climate which allows for an interesting mix of temperate and tropical plants to be grown. It is known for their extensive collections of aroids, azaleas, bamboo, bananas, bromeliads, camellias, citrus, crepe myrtles, conifers, cycads, ferns, flowering shrubs, flowering trees, gingers, heliconias, hibiscus, and mallows, magnolias, ornamental grasses, palms, perennials, roses, trees and vines.” It also has 200 year-old southern oak trees.

I found myself yesterday “lost” in this wonderful place, despite being a very hot day.  I have so many photos of  various flowers, trees, birds and butterflies.  In my carelessness, I even lost my cell phone.  The caring caretaker even drove me in his golf cart to where I thought I might have left it but the phone is nowhere to be found.

The photo of a pink rose above is unedited and taken by a Pentax K-r, my son’s  camera.  Please view also other photos below.  Thank you.




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