113) The Ritz-Carlton Resorts Of Naples, Fl in 2015


      My wife and I were looking for the gallery of Mr. Dennis Goodman, a popular photographer in Naples.  One of the magazines hinted it is in the Ritz-Carlton Resorts so we went there.  But it isn’t there.  The receptionist gave us the correct address and after thanking him, we decided to loiter around this 5-star Resorts.

     We’ve learned there are 4 restaurants in  there, so we decided to dine in The Bites.  Our waiter Frank isn’t only great in his job but is also a young and fine gentleman. You can see him besides my lovely wife in the photo above. He reminded us of Frankie of the Jersey Boys, doesn’t he?

     In life, success is more than the achievement of our personal goals as defined in the dictionary.  It involves too, success in our relationships such as family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and the people we meet everyday.  A smile goes a long way.



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