111) Face to Face with the Deadly Yet Beautiful N American Gator at the Everglades, FL in 2015




If he were in a cage, then I wouldn’t have minded the fact that his eyes were fixed on me for over 15 minutes or so  that we were on the airboat alongside him; and worst, I was the one  seated at the boat’s side closest to him .  My wife was beside me in the middle, sandwiched between me and another lady tourist from England.  Our boat captain then narrated how one of their fellow-captains had lost his arms to the beast.  Although I was pointing my camera at him all the time, I never even for a second turned my back on him for fear that any second now would be the end of me or the loss of one of my limbs. Can you see how he was eyeing me all the time?

As the captain steered the boat away from him, he quickly followed us and my camera was able to capture his action. Although you can’t see his body in the image because of the movement of the water, you can at least see his hungry piercing eyes.

There was another boat in the area, but this gator prefer to stay close to ours, the fact that our captain noticed and mentioned again and again.  I thought perhaps he likes to be photographed.   But I tend to believe he wanted a piece of me.


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