109) Naples beach, Naples Fl (2016)


When a friend of mine learned that we’re going to Naples for vacation, she said “Wow!”  She is well-travelled herself, she thought we were going to Italy.  She did not know we were going to Naples, Fl “the name of which caught on since 1870’s when magazine and newspapers told stories of the the area’s mild climate and abundant fish and game, likened to the sunny Italian peninsula. These promoters described the bay as “surpassing the bay in Naples, Italy.” (source: Wikipedia)  The photo above is one of the many photos I took during our first day in the place.

Unlike the inability of parking space in the public access area of the beach in Marco Island due to construction, we did not have a problem finding one which was even for free in Naples.  My wife and I ventured there shortly before sunset and waited for it to come.  Meanwhile, we found some rocks in the beach big enough for both of us to sit on.  The place was so relaxing and when the sun started to descend, the sky simply turned spectacular with an array of colors which are most pleasing to our eyes.

Below you will find more photos which are a poor representations of what we saw.  Enjoy!





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