108 – Location, Location, Location – It’s Naples, Fl (2016)


I used to hear that Naples, Fl is “where the rich live.”  Last week, my wife and I had a chance to spend a weeklong vacation there.  Although we did not see a lot of expensive cars in its main streets, we did see expensive houses which “is among the most expensive in the country with houses for sale in excess of $40 million.” (source: Wikipedia). The photo above is a portion of Park Shore Resorts, our home away from home in Naples for a week.

A banker by profession, I did not fail to notice big banks lining up its main street. As always, banks follow the people with money.  Naples is “one of the wealthiest cities in the U.S. with the 6th highest per capita income and the 2nd highest proportion of millionaires per capita in the U.S.” (Wikipedia). Needless to say, this city is beyond our reach.  My wife and I did some window shopping in Waterside Shops and we found ourselves inside Louis Vuitton where my wife was eyeing a bag worth $2500.  We left the place empty handed because that much money is more than our budget for the entire vacation!

One of the best memories of our vacation for me was my meeting with the most popular photographer of Naples, Mr. Dennis Goodman who specializes in landscapes, birds and flowers.  He patiently spent some time with me discussing some of his background, techniques and interests.  It is my first face to face meeting with a famous photographer and I was in complete awe.  His gallery is simply spectacular and amazing. He spends a lot of time in the Everglades, the location of many of his famous photographs.  For my wife, a dinner at Ritz-Carlton was probably the highlight of her vacation.  The  dinner show at a comedy club featuring the well-known comic Lonnie Love was probably the second best.  I hope I remember her name right.  She was hilarious from start to end.

I will be sharing some more photos I took in Naples.  Thank you.


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