106) Marco Island, Fl 2016


Marco Island is a popular tourist destination since 1960’s due to its significant development by the Mackle brothers resulting to the opening of the S.S. Jolly Bridge in 1969.   My wife and I visited the island last week;  we were very disappointed because we were not able to find access to the better part of the beach.  The only parking lot close to the public beach access was being repaired.  As in many beautiful beaches in the US, a long line of condominiums and apartments and hotels surrounds the beachfronts preventing public access to day in  visitors.  We had to drive all the way to Tigertail beach to get a glimpse of the beach.  This part of Marco Island was deserted when I went there; my wife preferred to stay in the car.  I was a bit anxious as I walked towards the shore, but when I saw this bird standing sad and alone in one of the kayaks, I can’t help but photographed it.  I hope I was able to capture its loneliness or project the sadness I felt for the bird and the place.



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