81) The Foliage Capital Of The World is Apopka, Fl


Earlier today, my wife and I were talking of putting some interior plants for our home.  Huffington Post listed “10 best houseplants to de-stress your home and purify the air:” aloe, English ivy, rubber tree, peace lily, snake plant, bamboo palm, philodendron, spider plant, red-edged dracaena, and golden photos.

Living in the “Foliage Capital of the World,” is a great advantage for we found some of these house plants  at Home Depot.  My wife said, “Dad, you have green thumbs, so you might as well transplant them.”  The innocent suggestion sounded like a command coming from my “commander-in-chief.” So above please find the rubber tree, bamboo palm, peace lily and golden photos.  The fern is a bonus from the golden photos  and the bonsai is our previous co-occupant.

Hopefully they are truly de-stressing and air-purifying – much needed things in our home.


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