75) “Kaka”, “Kaka” – Orlando City Inaugural MLS Game Continued…

…Over 62,000 fans filled the Citrus Bowl cheering Orlando City Soccer Team to the delight of the organizers, the team owners, and the City as well as the fans of course.  The first half ended in a tie at 0 apiece.  Our local Team outdid the  New York visiting Team in terms of goal attempts; Maybe I am biased.  Honestly, I did not keep track.

NYCFC’s  # 10 Mix Diskerud however, broke the tie by drawing first blood, curving the ball into the side of the net as our goalie Donovan Ricketts’ attempt to stop it ended in futility.  Our fans was shocked but readily recovered as they urged our Team to equalize.

Meanwhile, we heard some fans shouting “Kaka”, Kaka”, urging our franchise player, a former Brazilian star  to do something.  The familiar chorus became more and more frequent as the game got closer towards the end.  “Kaka”, Kaka.” Finally, the soccer gods answered our prayers.  Kaka, on the 90th minute was awarded a penalty kick just outside the penalty box.  The ball was deflected by a wall of defenders into the net. The Citrus Bowl erupted in joy.  We were “high-fiving” everyone around us.

What a happy ending to our Team “Lions”  inaugural game!  ON the way out of the Bowl, my wife leaned towards me, planted me with a kiss and said, “Dad, Thank you.”  It was her first  to watch a major soccer game.  My heart was filled with joy.

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy.  I only had my phone camera, so they aren’t as good as the others.  My apologies.





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