67) At The Historic Town Of Cocoa, Fl 2015 – Some Street Photos




Cocoa is an old town founded by fishermen around 1860.  The S.F. Travis Hardware which opened in 1884 is still in business today. The shopping district was destroyed by fire in 1890 but has developed soon after with the extension of the Indian River Railway to Cocoa.  In 1970, the old downtown was revitalized with waterfront park, shopping areas and music clubs.

Alicia and I visited the place today; we had ice cream in one of their ice cream parlors adorned with photos of Marilyn Monroe all over its walls.  We also tried the Ossorio Bakery and Cafe whose coffee and cinnamon roll we loved so much. I went into one of its antique shops and the shop owner was pleased to show me some of his antique cameras after noticing my Sony.

I noticed several art galleries but we didn’t visit any today for lack of time.  The shops close early, most of them before 6 pm.  Of course, my weakness is taking photos.  Hopefully, you found some of them interesting.


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