56) Church Street, Orlando, Fl USA 2015 – Part 2

I was walking on Church Street yesterday and this fancy car caught my attention.  It is a blue Lamborghini.  It costs more than my house.  I was wondering who owns it. A lot of people would stop and take photos of the car.


A little farther down the road, I saw this green bike.


And I saw this man pictured below. He is possibly homeless.  He carries everything he owns wherever he goes and he has no need for a car or a bicycle.


It makes me wonder who is a happier person.  The owner of the car,  or of the bike, or the  homeless guy who has only his feet for his mode of transportation?  I did see the owner of the car.  He looks like the NBA player Vince Carter; we just glanced at each other.  I never met the owner of the bicycle. I did meet the homeless person. He posed for me as I took one of his photos.  He has a sense of humor.


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