25) Orlando Premium Outlet, Orlando, FL 2015

If you are into shopping, one of the best places to go for designer items is the Orlando Premium Outlet in the City of Orlando. Almost every designer brand in the nation has its own store in this Outlet.  Every time we go there, we always see a lot of shoppers.  Some even bring or buy huge suitcases and fill them up with whatever they like to buy.  Notice one of the photos below where a man is carrying a large suitcase on his shoulder on his way to his car. We happened to park our car beside theirs and I was shocked to find out there were  two other large suitcases in their trunk already!  I heard that a lot of shoppers come from Brazil where in turn they would sell these items for double or triple the price they pay for them.  Should you decide to pick up some bargains, be sure to come early for it would be difficult to find a parking space later in the day.

IMG_0079 IMG_0087IMG_0077


4 thoughts on “25) Orlando Premium Outlet, Orlando, FL 2015

  1. Ekk, my idea if hell … I’m not really a “girly” girl, put me in a cooking shop that has all the newest gadgets and it could get dangerous however LOL.

    I was on a KLM flight once that went from Singapore to Amsterdam with a stopover in New Delhi.

    Check in in S’pore was beyond awful, there were mountains of bags crammed everywhere!!!!

    People kept coming to us asking of we could check in one of their bags as ours because they had too many,… whoa… take a strangers bag on a plane? of course we said No.

    The reason why was because almost half the passengers were Indian nationals who bought up large (and cheaper) in Singapore and were going to resale for profit back in India. The Flight attendant said that one man boasted he made enough profit to pay his flight, accommodation and much more…

    She told us that almost all of these passengers were well over the baggage limits and trying to get away with “only” an extra 5 kilos… or 7, or 10 or she said in one case 25! Generally they also had more than one piece of carry on luggage and ladies regularly tried to pass off entire suitcases as their “handbag”.

    None of them wanted to pay excess baggages charges of course so the same story repeated at the desk “please please just this once, I really can’t afford….it’s just “a little bit”over… etc.

    Multiply that by half the flight and she said some were even “regulars”.
    I deeply pity the flight attendants who have to check in that Brazilian man’s luggage when he flies home 🙂


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