17) Lakeland, Fl USA 2015

IMGP4584As you may have guessed, the name Lakeland was taken from the word “lake”.  There were other names considered for Lakeland but were all rejected.  There are 300 lakes here.  While most residents in other places would have streets as their point of reference when they were to give directions to their houses, here in Lakeland they would use lakes. The only time I stopped over Lakeland which is located between the cities of Orlando and Tampa was about two years ago when my son and his band had a concert here in Lakeland.  The place is called Evolution.  It was night time, so I was not able to take a lot of photos. Last Sunday, my wife and I decided to have a late breakfast in Lakeland.  We went to our favorite restaurant whenever we travel and that is Cracker and Barrel.  While there, this huge but lovely traditional firewood fireplace caught my attention.  A lot of guests would warm their hands as they passed by it.  To me, it’s a symbol of the awesome hospitality of  this restaurant which continues to wow me, in addition to their homestyle traditional cooking which is my huge favorite.  They offer bottomless cups of coffee and the sweet waitress even asked us if we wanted to bring some coffee for the road.  Having more than enough coffee for the whole day, we politely declined.


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