16) Davis Islands, Fl USA 2015

DSC00449DSC00438 Eleven days ago, we met 3 strangers in a restaurant in Tampa and there was instant connection.  We told them we wanted to take some photos of the City of Tampa.  They said, it’s beautiful.  They encouraged us to visit Davis Islands with its beautiful houses, boats, yachts and planes.  The above photo shows my wife leaning on a tree with the yachts on the background. These two islands are man-made islands on top of two small natural islands bought by a developer named Davis.  There is an aviation company in the island which allows you to have a plane ride for an hour for a little over $100.  It is also the home of Davis Island Yacht Club, thus the presence of so many yachts in the photo. While there, we noticed a lot of people jogging, biking, running, playing soccer, fishing, skating, having picnic, or walking.  I took a lot of photos of people doing these activities but I chose to feature the photo of my wife because I’d like to give you an idea of the beauty of the place. It was said that the famous Derek Jeter was supposed to build the biggest house in the island but we did not have time to check this out.  It is separated by a short bridge from the main City of Tampa Downtown.  It is really a neighborhood of the latter.  It is on this bridge that I took the photo featured on the post “City of Tampa.”  I got the idea from an elderly man who introduced himself to me as a photographer and he wanted his photos to look like postcards.  He showed a couple of photos to me.  He is using a Nikon point and shoot camera which he likes because it gives him the time and the place of the shots he takes.  He asked if I am a professional photographer.  I told him no.  I am just doing it for fun. Addendum:  I’ve just added a photo here of a graffiti I’ve found in Davis Islands.  I bet an artist was in love.


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