15) Indian Rocks Beach, Fl USA 2015

DSC00478DSC00511 Yesterday my wife and I left home rather early for our favorite beach in the Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater Beach.  We were there a couple of times in the past and we have liked it very much.  The last time we were there prior to yesterday was about 7 years ago.  The memory of the beauty of Clearwater filled us with excitement on our way there.  The long lines of cars on the road ahead of us as we got closer to Clearwater gave me a hint that something big has changed.  The change was indeed big and terrible.  We cannot find the public parking lots we used to go to in front of the beach.  Instead what we found are newly-constructed huge hotels and resorts!  Some are still under construction.  Then a big arrow sign summoned us to go farther for public access beach.  We kept on going and going farther until we saw one, but it wasn’t Clearwater Beach anymore.  We found ourselves in Indian Rocks Beach instead.  Despite being close to the middle of January and therefore  of winter, we noted that there were a lot of people in the shores.  Nobody  was in the water except for a couple of kids playing with their body boards.  They must have been shocked when they saw me swimming in what they probably consider frigid waters.  At first, I saw my hands turning red, then white as a piece of paper.  I kept on swimming to keep myself warm.  Luckily, I brought the swimwear I used during our triathlon last year.  it must have helped a lot. Honestly, though, I had to get back to my wife after a few minutes and clung to the beach towel she handed me readily. I felt cold but I wasn’t shivering. We found ourselves situated next to a mother and her young daughter who was playing with her Barbie dolls.  She placed her dolls, about 7 of them in the sand.  I asked her if I could take a photo of her dolls in the sand.  She said yes, and she even urged me to rearrange them as I saw fit.  I assured her that she did them perfectly.  I was debating which photo should I feature in this post: the one above or the dolls.  By the way, she also agreed for me to take a photo of her and showed it to her. She seemed pleased.  “Are you professional photographer?”, she asked.  “No,” was my instant reply.  In mind, I said to myself…”Hopefully someday.”


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