14) Tampa, Fl 2015

DSC00350Behold the beautiful City of Tampa –  also called Big Guava and Cigar City! It’s biggest export though is phosphate, the raw material for fertilizer.  About 5 years ago, we visited my wife’s cousin who is an engineer in a cargo ship and we saw the ship being loaded with tons of phosphate.  Tampa is a cool city in a hot  State of Florida.  It’s temperature never goes up over 100.  What is even cooler is the fact that air conditioner was invented in Tampa.  It’s one of the 4 most desired cities to live in.  It’s about 2 hours from Orlando.

Its main highway,  the I-275 N and S,  I have frequented in the past.  While on it, I always thought of one day take a photo of its downtown.  Last Sunday, an opportunity came.  How I stumbled on the bridge where I took this photo from was shared in my post on Davis Islands.  I owe it to that photographer who showed me some of his photos.  He had a similar photo to the one I featured above.  His though appeared closer and bigger for he must have cropped it.

A big construction is going on in the above mentioned highway.  Actually it’s been going on for a while maybe 2 years or so. It is a big  headache to one who commutes to this city daily.  There seems to be road construction everywhere in Florida.  This is what I like about our State.  Our roads are well-maintained and new ones are being built all the time.  Perhaps the absence of snow in winter also contributes to the lifespan of the road.  I remember back in NJ, almost after every winter, there were a lot of potholes on the road.

After I’ve learned that Tampa is one of the 4 most desired cities to live in, it makes me wonder why I don’t live there.  Anyway, if you happen to be in Florida, do visit Tampa.  The Busch Gardens, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tampa Rays are there.


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