13) Ponce Inlet, Fl USA 2014


About an hour drive from Orlando is Ponce Inlet, a very small town in Fl, famous for it’s lighthouse, which at 175 feet,  is the tallest in the State.  It has 203 steps, and visitors can climb to the top.  It is south of Daytona Beach and it is perfect for jogging, walking, sunning and shelling. Being the closest beach to our area, we have visited it many times with our friends and its pier is good for fishing.  We’ve caught a number of catfish and sea bass.  I don’t particularly like the former because it is so slimy.  This photo was taken in January 2014 when my wife and I went there on a Sunday.  The place was almost deserted.  I was the only one brave enough to be swimming that day.  There was a couple of surfers who were enjoying the waves but since I don’t know how to surf, I was happy to be meeting the waves with my body.  Whenever I am in the beach, I feel at home.  In my previous life, if I had one, I must have been a fish.  I just love to swim, especially in the ocean.  In summer, beach lovers swarm this place, and the view is so unlike that of the photo above.  So, if you wanna see its famous lighthouse and enjoy its waters, try Ponce Inlet.  There is a minimal entrance fee per car.  There is enough facilities for shower and even for barbecue. Let’s go.


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