9) John F Kennedy Space Center, A NASA Facility, Merritt Island, FL USA 2014


A must-see destination is the Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Fl about an hour drive from Orlando.  For the price of a good lunch for two, you will be able to have an out of this world experience, no pun intended.  I strongly recommend viewing the 3D presentation of the universe in the eyes of the Hubble telescope. I took a photo of our planet Earth, a mere dot amidst billions of other planets in billions of other stars in the universe.  Thinking of these many stars pales in comparison to actually seeing their three-dimensional images on the big screen where at some point you can almost “touch” them. For $25 dollars more, you get to have lunch with a real astronaut.  This one I skipped in favor of lunch with my wife and her cousin who visited us from Chicago.  If you’re wondering what’s up there in space, you must go to the Kennedy Space Center,  a lot less riskier and a lot cheaper option than Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic flights whenever they become safer.


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