8) Port St. Lucie, Fl USA 2014


“The follies a man regrets most are the ones he didn’t commit when he could.”

~Helen Rowland

Port St. Lucie is a fast growing city less than two hours by car from Miami, Fl. It is well-known for its PGA 54 hole-golf club and home for varied celebrities including Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Megan Fox, Ace Hood, Vanilla Ice, Din Thomas and Matthew Underwood. It is also the Mets Baseball Club Spring Training ground.  And it is also the site of my latest folly (which I won’t regret) – the 2575 World Championship triathlon which I’ve joined (my first and only.)  My poor wife took this photo at the finish line. She was with my two sons who later told me their mom was so worried she thought I drowned in the Club Med Sandpiper Bay.   How I survived this 25.75 km swim, bike and run ordeal without professional training and coaching is a story in itself.  Please don’t ask me for my standing in the race.  It was enough that I finished. Well, if you love marathons, triathlons, and all kinds of sports, come to Florida.  One of the main reasons we had moved here  is the weather.  This is an understatement.


8 thoughts on “8) Port St. Lucie, Fl USA 2014

  1. My husband is training for half marathons and at the same time trying to extend his running so that I can one day soon do a full marathon as well.

    Like you he also has no professional help or coaching, he just works on extending his personal best and asks the odd tip from my physiotherapist about how to relieve muscle strains.

    I’ve been on crutches for the last four years after a fall rearranged the bones in my left foot, I had another surgery last month to further reposition bones and fix damaged bits which was done by inserting six titanium screws and I’m now beginning week six of ten weeks plaster casts.

    Work on the dystrophy begins in about four months once things settle down and I’ve been told to expect recovery to take 1-2 years yet, with no guarantees of full function. I’m therefore trading my treadmill for a wheelchair as I support Hubby from the sidelines in 10 km and half marathon races.

    He’s using the 10 km races less as the race itself, and more to practice his running style and strategy in the crowded environment of a marathon since this is something he isn’t used to.
    Topping his personal best each time is also icing on the cake, but if he hasn’t had much time to train then just getting to the finish line is also fine.

    Unlike you, he has to contend with the often less than agreeable Dutch weather, we got snowed and hailed on one race! All the spectators were slowing turning into solid blocks of ice or at least it felt like it. If you can send Florida weather over here, it would be gratefully accepted LOL.

    Good on you for finishing the race! That’s no mean feat so you and your family should be very proud!

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    1. I wish it’s within my power to send the Fl weather there. I am very much honored to hear about your story and that of your hubby. Thank you for sharing! I admire both of you. Since I can’t send you the Fl weather, I send you both hugs and kisses instead.


      1. Peter,


        Life is a challenge each and every day.. it’s what we do with what we have been given that is important.

        Hubby supports me in my recovery process and I support him when he runs. Like a lot of things in a marriage it’s a team effort, and he needs the release from the usual chores and the relaxation that running gives him as much as I need him ferrying me to and from hospitals and supporting me on days when the pain is hardly bearable. The road to recovery is long but we “walk”(figuratively at least) it together and that’s the main thing.

        Some Florida sunshine would be great but since that’s not possible the hugs are gratefully accepted 🙂

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      2. Thank you again for opening up with me about your life and the support of your husband. Very admirable. My wife and I do the same each and everyday – facing the challenges of life together. It is easier that way. Take care both.


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