7) Mt. Dora Golf Club, Mt. Dora, Fl USA 2014


Florida has 1,250 golf courses, enough to make it to number one in the nation with the most number of golf courses.  Prior to photography, I must confess, my ultimate hobby was golf.  If I were to count all the monies I’ve spent on this hobby, I would probably have enough money to buy some of the finest photography gear available, including but not limited to the venerable Leica M3 and its successors M9, Monochrome, or Hasselblad for that matter, or Nikon D4s etc.  Anyway, I had enough fun with golf as well as enough frustrations having learned the sports well after in my 30’s.

Mt. Dora Golf Club is my favorite mainly for two reasons.  1) It is close to home; and 2) The fairways are short.  Founded in 1945-46, it boasts of 85 acres of old oaks, pines and palms which in addition to its bunkers provides enough challenges to both professional and amateur players alike.  This par 70, 5700 yards variedly elevated course is short in today’s standard, yet it is still “the longest 5700 yard- course.”  My son, our friends and I have played this course a lot of times and we always went home defeated.  Its greens are very deceitful, its thin fairways unforgiving.  About two hours away is St. Augustine where one can find the World Golf Hall of Fame. “If you love golf, you must go,” so its commercial says.  My family has been there. My eldest son Stephen still plays golf; the last time I played with him was on Father’s Day.  We have made a tradition of it.  Maybe, in June, I get to play with him again.  Meanwhile, I will stick to photography.  Do you love golf?  Come to Florida.  A lot of professional golfers live here.  Tiger, Ernie, Retief, Jack, Arnie, and many more.


2 thoughts on “7) Mt. Dora Golf Club, Mt. Dora, Fl USA 2014

    1. No, I have not tried disc golf even though the second nearest golf course to us had one before it finally closed. Needless to say, golf is not easy. I am presently entertaining foot golf. There is a new group here in Central Florida. I used to play soccer in college. It could probably resurrect some of my soccer thrills.


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