3) Lake Harris, Astatulla, Fl


Last year my wife and I were looking for Lake Apopka; we took a wrong turn and we ended up in Lake Harris, a chain of lakes northwest of Orlando, Fl.  The sun was setting and this is one of the photos I took.  I particularly like this one because of the human figure in the photo.  Perhaps, he is texting his wife that he’ll be home pretty soon. Who knows?  

Before we left, I asked him if he caught any fish.  He said not today but he is happy.  Taking a photo is like fishing.  The real fun is not in the result but in the process.  Every single time I perceive something I love and my camera is at hand, my heart beats faster.  It’s like being in front of someone I love.  When I am in the act of pressing  the shutter with my finger, that’s the moment I am truly alive.

Life is short.  One should be doing the very thing he loves to do.  As for myself, it is photographing.  What is yours?


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