The Traveling Chefs

Hello, everyone!

Forgive the very long silence on my part. That time was spent on self exploration which consisted mostly of following my various passions in life.
My wife Alicia and I found out that we are most passionate about three things:
travel, food, and being with each other.

So, we have decided to start a new venture or we may say a new adventure – to travel as much as we could, cook our own food along the way, learn the local cuisine, enjoy each other more and document and share these experiences.

For our platform, we have decided to hire a professional to build our own website. Its domain name is We would like to introduce it to you here.

We also would like to thank you for your continued patronage despite my lack of consistency in posting. You may have already guessed that I was lost from the beginning by the number of times I have changed the name of our WordPress site.
For that, we apologize.

We will post on this site at least once a month to share with your are whereabouts and activities.

Thank you so much!

148) San Pedro Island State Park In Florida


There is an island in Florida which is unknown to many including Floridians. A nephew of ours (by marriage) has invited our family to join his in a vacation last April. He confided that he is a fifth generation member of a family who had lived in an island nearby. San Pedro can only be accessed by a boat. It boasts of being only one of a few islands in Florida which is “real Florida.” It is here where one can have a glimpse of Florida as it used to be, i.e., thousands and thousands of years ago.